Vibrant colors and attention-grabbing accents go hand-in-hand with your love of the limelight. You dress with bravado, and your wedding decor should follow suit. A mansion, penthouse or poolside with cabanas sets the scene.

Bouquets: Choose lush yet sleek bouquets, blending exotic and proper blooms. Vintage brooch–inspired embellishment, jewelled or rhinestone accents and feathers lend a dramatic touch.

Floral Decor: Towering, tiered and topiary-style centerpieces make a grand statement. Lush arrangements create a lavish base beneath regal candelabras.

Best Blooms: Parrot tulips, orchids, Canova tulips, French anemones, grape hyacinth, Hot Chocolate calla lilies, mimosa
Favorite Colors: Bold purple, scarlet, chocolate, silver and pearly ivory