A little bit wild child and somewhat zen, you embrace all that’s earthy, pretty and ethereal. A valley or wooded glen blending a collage of customs and cultures plays host to your big day.

Bouquets: Look for oversize, loosely arranged flowers peppered with organic elements like berries, herbs and ferns. Bouquets are ribbon-tied to create a just-picked feel.

Floral Decor: Contrasting textures and a mélange of colors create an overgrown yet gorgeous look. Towering twigs, pussy willows and pebble-filled vases add woodsy charm. A hot trend: fruit- and vegetable-filled vases.

Best Blooms: Queen Anne’s lace, fragrant herbs, thistle, grass, pods, blooms, wildflowers, sunflowers. Edible bouquet, anyone? Choose sage, lavender, oregano, hot peppers from your local greenmarket.

Favorite Colors: Earth tones mixed with oranges, purples and pinks