Vibrant colors and attention-grabbing accents go hand-in-hand with your love of the limelight. You dress with bravado, and your wedding decor should follow suit. A mansion, penthouse or poolside with cabanas sets the scene.

Bouquets: Choose lush yet sleek bouquets, blending exotic and proper blooms. Vintage brooch–inspired embellishment, jewelled or rhinestone accents and feathers lend a dramatic touch.

Floral Decor: Towering, tiered and topiary-style centerpieces make a grand statement. Lush arrangements create a lavish base beneath regal candelabras.

Best Blooms: Parrot tulips, orchids, Canova tulips, French anemones, grape hyacinth, Hot Chocolate calla lilies, mimosa
Favorite Colors: Bold purple, scarlet, chocolate, silver and pearly ivory


You’ve nabbed your prince, now it’s time to play out your fantasy wedding. The mood is magical, the scenery enchanting. The setting: a castle, or botanical or sculpture gardens—poetry personified.

Bouquets: Select round pomanders and sweet cascading styles. Lace-wrapped stems look ultra feminine and modest.

Floral Decor: Embellish your reception site with floral arches, arrangements set in gold vases, a sprinkling of rose petals.

Best Blooms: Roses, iris, sweet peas, pansies, ranunculus, and peonies

Favorite Colors: Red, pink, white


Bold yet minimal, untraditional with a focused, classy twist—your sensibility is fresh and fashion-forward. An art museum or gallery is your ideal wedding-day hot spot.

Bouquets: Bold and architectural bouquets fit your streamlined sensibility. Clean, sleek bouquets are simply tied. Opt for single-bud arrangements.

Floral Decor: Monochromatic arrangements put the focus on texture and creative design. Trumpet vases with a single bloom say minimalist chic; individual arrangements at each place setting are creative and au courant.

Best Blooms: White daisies, single bud calla lilies, bare-stemmed bouquets, cosmos, tulips, orchids

Favorite Colors: Green, blue, monochromatic


Delicate details and simple elegance define your dream decor. With a nod to days gone by, you cull inspiration from all that’s traditional, tasteful and timeless. A mansion, country club or sprawling estate sets the scene for your big day.

Bouquets: Choose trim and tailored arrangements that are round, symmetrical and tightly packed. Silk-wrapped stems fastened with pearl pins are graceful, refined and in good taste.

Floral Decor: Centerpieces are sophisticated and elegant, with soft, muted colors and sleek shapes. Fishbowl-style vases display pretty, petite arrangements.

Best Blooms: Creamy French tulips, roses, calla lilies, peonies, hydrangea, wild sweet peas, Queen Anne’s lace, lilacs, gardenias, white violets and stephanotis. Add ivy as a symbol of fidelity.

Favorite Colors: White, cream and pale pastels. A bouquet of flowers in varying shades of white is both classic and chic.


A little bit wild child and somewhat zen, you embrace all that’s earthy, pretty and ethereal. A valley or wooded glen blending a collage of customs and cultures plays host to your big day.

Bouquets: Look for oversize, loosely arranged flowers peppered with organic elements like berries, herbs and ferns. Bouquets are ribbon-tied to create a just-picked feel.

Floral Decor: Contrasting textures and a mélange of colors create an overgrown yet gorgeous look. Towering twigs, pussy willows and pebble-filled vases add woodsy charm. A hot trend: fruit- and vegetable-filled vases.

Best Blooms: Queen Anne’s lace, fragrant herbs, thistle, grass, pods, blooms, wildflowers, sunflowers. Edible bouquet, anyone? Choose sage, lavender, oregano, hot peppers from your local greenmarket.

Favorite Colors: Earth tones mixed with oranges, purples and pinks

Beach Casual

Breezy blues and sunset hues convey your serene, sensual disposition. White-sand beaches, backyard greenery or a flourishing vineyard create the perfect backdrop for your whimsical wedding.

Bouquets: Select relaxed, unstructured arrangements with a lush island-style vibe. Long hand-tied stems are wrapped with twine or raffia.

Floral Decor: Decorate cascading centrepieces with sea-inspired ornaments like miniature shells and starfish, or daisies and sunflowers for garden themes. Floating candles create a beachy, by-the-lake touch.

Best Blooms: Blue delphinium, orchids, daisies, roses, gardenias, lilies of the valley, dahlias, and narcissus

Favorite Colors: Blue, pale green and white, or tropical orange, yellow and red